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      China Development Group, LLC (CDG) is a  consulting and management practice specialized in providing services to North American and European companies who are seeking opportunities in China.       

      The market opportunities in China are immense. For the past 5 years, China has been the world's fastest growing economy. With over 800 million people in the work force and abundant natural resources, China  is destined  to continue its  impressive  growth  for many years. Most  businesses  that plan to compete  in the twenty first century have to develop a "China Strategy." Is it better to approach this market from the outside? Or is it better to make a direct investment within China? Is a local partner vital or will it be better to go solo?

       Without a doubt, operating a business in China is a complex undertaking. Without the right advisor, a direct investment in China can prove to be disastrous. CDG's strategic planning and business counseling will remove substantial  obstacles. Our  mission is  to  facilitate the long-term success of your business venture in China. Our strategic alliances  within government and industry can make a difference to "westerners" who  often lack this expertise and the ability to access it.

      We will help you to achieve your strategic business goals in China. Our in-depth industrial experience and broad contacts in China can assure you a solid foundation for your project .



       CDG will provide value-added services by assisting in the develop- ment and execution of your China-centric strategies.


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