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Who are we?  


     A leading international firm in glow industry has successfully built its manufacturing facility within eight months under our management.

      With the sky rocketing of the crude oil price, many firms are looking for altern atives for its chemical supply. Two plants are being built at northern part of China.



      Established at the beginning of  21st Century, China Development Group, LLC (CDG) is a consulting  and  management  practice consisting  of  a group of   experts  who  understand western companies and have insight information and “GuanXi” in China to help you realize your China Strategy.

Our Goal

      We will help  you  to achieve your strategic business goals in China. Our indepth  industrial experience and broad contacts in China can assure you a solid foundation for your project.

Our Customer

      CDG is specialized in providing services to North American and European companies who are seeking opportunities in China. We can add tremendous value to our clients from small to medium size firms.

     Our plant is operating better
     than expected!
    ----Fred Kaplan
          Omniglow  Corporation
      I enjoyed your company and

      greatly value  your contribution

     ----Dale R.Fannin
           VP Operation
           Penn Specialty Chemical

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