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  January 8, 2004


JFC Technologies Breaks Ground in Ningbo, China


      JFC Technologies broke ground on its state-of-the-art, multipurpose pharmaceutical facility in Ningbo, China. The construction is set to begin immediately and the firm expects to have the facility fully operational by 2nd quarter of 2005. The first phase will consist of three buildings totaling 50,000 square feet.



      "This is an exciting time for our company," remarked James G. Schleck, JFC Technologies President and CEO. "Along with our partner company, Omniglow Corporation, we have been operating in China for over two years now. We have designed, built, and are now operating two facilities that support our industrial fine chemical business. This new facility will enable us to provide the most cost effective support to our pharmaceutical customers as well."



      The facility is specially designed to be compliant with the International Conference on Harmonization's (ICH) Q7A guidelines, and to have great flexibility for producing commercial scale API's. The primary production area will consist of isolated production suites with separate air handling and extended temperature capabilities. The equipment will range in the 500 gallon to 1,500 gallon scale. "This will be an excellent complement to our US facilities. We will be able to support products throughout their entire life cycle," stated JFC's Board Chairman, James R. Schleck, also present for the ceremony.


      JFC Technologies hired the China Development Group (CDG) for advisory and consulting support services related to the project. "JFC Technologies is clearly embracing China as a platform for growth and success. The world-wide pharmaceutical industry is coming under intense pressure to reduce costs. The highly educated workforce of Ningbo, and the low operating cost structure of China will assure continuing success for JFC Technologies," said Cheng Guo, President of China Development Group.

  For further information contact:
James G. Schleck
President and CEO
JFC Technologies
732-469-7760 x. 13
E-mail: schleckjg@jfctechnologies.com
  Cheng Guo
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